1. The competition is open to all pribadi students in grades 10-12. The contestants participate in team
  2. A team may only have three members
  3. Each grade  may only send one team to compete at the Championships.
  4. A member of a grade’s team must:
  • have been a full-time student at a secondary school at SMA Pribadi Depok; and
  • have reached their 14th birthday by the start of the Championships;
  • not have reached their 19th birthday by the end of the Championships (in lieu with WSDC Rules)



  1. All championship debates shall be judged by an odd-numbered panel of judges, with the ideal number being at least a panel of three.
  2. The Chief Adjudicator reserves the right to decide which rounds may be judged with a single judge, considering that judge is deemed capable to serve as a single judge.
  3. A judge should behave, act, and present themselves in a proper and mannerful decorum.
  4. Judges shall not judge a team in which they have an affiliation with; both professional and personal, the parameters of which shall be the discretion of the Chief Adjudicator.
  5. A judge shall not be a coach of a team at the championship.
  6. A judge may judge the same team more than once, provided that the judge does not judge that team a disproportionate number of times.
  7. A debate is won by the team which has a majority of the votes of the judges, where in the case of a single judge, the method of how to reflect a unanimous and/or split judge votes shall be determined by the Chief Adjudicator.
  8. All judges shall judge in accordance with the Adjudication Handbook and any guidelines and instructional material authorized by the Chief Adjudicator.
  9. Judges for all Championship debates, including the Grand Final, are to be selected for their ability to judge, not because they hold any particular office or occupation


  1. The Chief Adjudicator along with his/her Core shall select all motions for debate at the Championship.
  2. At the latest a week prior to the start of the championship, the Core shall forward to the Committee the list of motions it has selected for prepared debates including the Grand Final.
  3. The Committee shall notify all teams of the prepared motions for debate.
  4. At least two days before the start of the Championship the Core shall already prepared a set of motions for the impromptu rounds.



  1. At the discretion of the Committee, up to one-half of the debates for any team in the preliminary rounds may be impromptu debates, provided that every team has as close as possible to the same number of impromptu debates as every other team in the preliminary rounds.
  2. The preparation time and procedure for impromptu debates are at the discretion of the host, provided that:
  • both teams in an impromptu debate receive the topic (or choice of topics) at the same time,
  • insofar as possible, each team shall have the same number of affirmative and negative sides in impromptu debates, and
  1. both teams in an impromptu debate are given similar preparation rooms and conditions.
  2.  A person taking part in the preparation of an impromptu debate may not take into the preparation room a telephone, computer or any other device capable of communicating or accessing information outside the preparation room. 



A.Special awards shall be given at the conclusion of each championship and classified into two:

  1. Awards for Team Number: 
  • Trophy and Certificate for the winner (1st best team); trophy and certificate for the runner-up (2nd best team); and trophy
  • Cash awards for the 1st, and 2nd best teams
  1.   Awards for Individual Number:
  • Certificate will be given to the Top (1st) best Speaker. The speaker’s rank will be determined by the higher overall team’s score in the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st preliminary round consecutively.    



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