1. The participants should wear formal costume.
  2. The participants are the students of Pribadi Bilingual School Depok. 
  3. The Speech must be original idea from the speaker, no plagiarism.
  4. The Speaker delivers the speech between 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. The speaker delivers the speech without text.
  6. The text should be printed in A4 sized paper, 12 sized Times New Roman font in 1,5 space.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Introduction
  2. Body (main Idea)
  3. Conclusion
  4. Use of Languages (Fluency)
  5. Body Language
  6. Clarity (Pronunciation)
  7. Costume
  8. Time Management


Speech Rubric

Speaker’s name: _______________________      Evaluator: __________________________









Needs Improvement



Points 10-9 Points 9-8 Points 8-7 Points 7-6


Introduction (1) Gets attention  

(2) Clearly identifies topic

(3) Establishes credibility 

(4) Previews the main points 

Meets any three of the four criteria  Meets any two of the four criteria Meets only one  of the four criteria  
Body Main points are clear,

well supported, and 

sources are documented

Main points are

somewhat clear,

some support, and

some documentation

Main points

need clarity

and support

lack of

sources and 


Main points

are not clear

and have no support

and no sources or documentation

Conclusion (1) Reviews main points

(2) Brings closure

(3) Memorable

Reviews main points , brings 


Brings closure Does not bring closure; the audience is left hanging  
Costume Wearing formal costume; Black pants, Black shoes, White Shirt, Suit, Tie, Peci Wearing formal costume; Black pants, Black shoes, White Shirt, Suit Wearing formal costume; Black pants, Black shoes Wearing informal costume  
Use of Language Use of language contributes to effectiveness of the speech, and vocalized pauses

(um uh er etc.)

 not distracting

Use of language does not have negative impact, and vocalized pauses

(um uh er etc.)

not distracting


Use of language causes potential confusion, and/or vocalized pauses

(um uh er etc.)

are distracting

Use of language is inappropriate  
Body language Body language, gestures, and facial expressions 

adds greatly to the message

Body language, 

gestures, and facial

expressions  compliment message

Body language, 

facial expressions  and gestures

lack variety and spontaneity 

Body language, gestures, and

facial expressions are lacking or inappropriate

Clarity Speaks clearly and distinctly all the time with no mispronounced words Speaks clearly and distinctly nearly all the time with no more than one mispronounced word Speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time with  no more than two mispronounced words Often mumbles or can not be understood with more than three mispronounced words  
Time Within allotted time Within 10% of allotted time Within 20% of allotted time Not within 20% of allotted time  

(Adapted from Dan Rooney)


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