1. The competition is open to all Pribadians of grades 7-9. Contestants participate individually. The contestants are referred to as spellers.
  2.  In competition, all words will be chosen from the official list on the school website.
  3. In the Preliminary Round, the competition will be written.
  4. In the finals, the competition will be oral; spellers must spell the words without the use of any writing tools. Each speller will be given 5 words to spell.
  5. Spellers may pronounce their words before spelling them, after spelling them, or not at all.
  6. If the word is unclear to a speller, he/she may ask for the re-pronunciation, definition or use of the word before he/she starts spelling.
  7. Once a speller has started to spell a word, the contestant may not ask the word to be repeated or defined or used in a sentence. No opportunity will be given to change letters already pronounced.
  8. If a word has more than one acceptable spelling according to the dictionary, any correct spelling will be accepted.
  9. It is the responsibility of the speller to spell in an audible voice so that the jury can hear it clearly. Unclear and inaudible spelling will be ruled incorrect.
  10. When the number of contestants is reduced to two, any speller who manages to spell two words in a row correctly will be declared champion. When a speller fails to spell a word correctly, the next speller will be given the same word to spell. If every contestant in a round misspells the same word, all contestants will remain in the competition.
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