As we know that corona virus is spread all over the world. But why is this happening?. Corona virus can spread by little drop of saliva from the infected person. The saliva can spread when the infected person sneeze or cough. So we have to put mask and stay 1 meter away from the person who sneeze or cough because the infected person can be infected without the symptoms of the disease. That is why in this country we still have a lot of people that is infected. there are so many people who do not have mask but they still go outside. Maybe they do not find people that always sneeze or cough, but the corona virus can stay at the surface of an item for so many hours. They can stay at the door handle, table, smartphone and etc. after you touch the item that has corona virus in it, you should wash your and do not touch your face. Corona virus can be killed by washing our hands with soap. Also the vaccine for this virus is not ready yet and scientist still working until they get the vaccine. So stay at home is the best solution for now to avoid corona virus.

The Covid-19 is the disease. “Covid” stands for corona virus disease and the “19” is because the first case is appeared in 2019. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus and it is stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2. This virus is unique because it has like a lot of spikes around it. The first case was in China. The corona virus comes from animal to human. As we know, China has a lot of wild animals to eat. from my research from google, the corona virus comes from a bat. But we can not blame chinese people. We have to beat this virus together and never give up.

As a student, The corona virus has a lot of effects to me. First, the online school. My school has a lot of plans to solve every problem. So my school always have a solution and it always work to me. We use an app called zoom. It feels like just the same like I am at school. All of my friend wear uniform, go to the class on time but the time to learn is shorter than at the school because our teachers do not want to damage our eyes because of we are using to much laptop/computer. Second, there is no national exam. The minister of education of Indonesia, Nadiem Makarim said that there is no national exam this year. It makes me happy and feel so much relaxed. But the teachers give some project to complete the score. It is easier but I have to do my best to get the best result. third, it makes me feel more productive. Quarantine makes me feel so bored like after class I just want to sleep but i do not really need to sleep. So I keep thinking how to get rid of this bored. And I found some ideas like I learn how to cook perfectly just like my grandma cook for me. It is just fried rice but it is 10 times better than mine. I practice my guitar more and watch a lot of tutorials on youtube. I also do sport for keep my body fit like playing basketball at my garage until I feel so tired. These are some effects because of the corona virus.

Maybe we can easily stay at home. We can still buy some foods and drinks or other needs. But have you ever thought about someone that can not buy the food when they really need it. someone who work really hard but the salary is not enough to buy their needs. This is where we have to help them. They really need money from us or they going to die because of the corona virus. And to end this pandemic we have to help them. here are some contribution that my family and I did to help them. THIS IS NOT TO BOAST, I want to share this because I want you to help them so we can stop this pandemic.

by. Nabiel

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