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Grade 6 Trip to Ciwidey

On Saturday (11/02/23), parents, teachers, and grade 6 went to Ciwidey for a small farewell party. It is situated in Bandung. It is a very famous tourist destination. We decided to go there by bus. We stayed for a night.

We were so eager for the trip that we prepared everything such as clothes, a camera, snacks and many more in advance. It took about four hours to reach there, and luckily, the bus got off in time. The trip began with an incredible view from the bus window; we can still remember being quite overwhelmed by the beauty of the forest. We stayed in tents with gorgeous views. We had some amazing activities namely playing a game, singing, having malam keakraban, and present exchange at night. We felt happy as teachers, parents, and students involved together.

On our way to go home, we visited some tourist places such as Kawah Putih, strawberry plantations, Kerancang Sultan and Suspension Bridge, we took some pictures, drank ginger water, and ate some fried bananas. We feel thrilled as we could be together to celebrate our moment in Ranca Bali, Ciwidey, Bandung. Hopefully, one day, we have a chance to visit it again with our friends, teachers, and family.