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Inspiring Stories from Bachtiar Ben Caesarian

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When I enrolled in Pribadi, I was intrigued by the OSN competition that my friends were partaking in, so when my mathematics teacher at that time, Mr Kiki, gave me the opportunity to compete internationally in Mathematics (which was my strongest point), I couldn’t refuse!

It was an absolutely epic start to my journey of doing competitions and experiencing thrilling adventures like no other! Currently I’ve joined multiple online olympiad competitions, and won several! One of the many examples of my achievements is winning 1st place in the LKN Science Competition in Biology, winning 2nd place in the Science Generation Olympiad in Medicine, and winning 3rd place in the Zeta Science Competition for both Mathematics and Biology. All National! I also have international Achievements, like winning the Gold Medal in Owlypia!

iSPARK Leaders Academy

In 11th Grade, I was given a chance to participate in the iSPARK Leaders academy, held by Sampoerna University, to further improve myself as a leader of tomorrow. Fortunately, I passed the preliminary and was tutored on how to run a social project, in which I conducted for one month at SMA Pribadi Depok. The topic I was tasked with was about Mental Health, and I dealt with it by spreading posters and the good word. Thankfully, I won third place! The experience showed me that anything is possible (negative and positive), but it mostly depends on your integrity, critical thinking, and initiative!

Beasiswa Indonesia Maju (BIM) Persiapan S1 Luar Negeri

On the days of the 1st semester’s final exams, I was informed by Mr. Aji (Our school’s previous college counsellor) about a scholarship that could rock my world by giving me the opportunity to get higher education abroad! I dug around and found more intriguing data, and so I signed up for it as quickly as I could.

And here I am today, a proud awardee of the Undergraduate Preparatory Scholarship! I am extremely grateful for what BIM has blessed me and all of the other participants across Indonesia, with IELTS & SAT Courses and Test, Informational Webinars about universities and life abroad, a Summer Program at a University in and out of Indonesia, as well as preparatory lessons for running a Social Project.

Summer Youth Program at IPB University

One of the things the BIM program offers is the chance to study for a lengthy time at a University. Some of the awardees went abroad, to universities like the University of Toronto, University of Sydney and University of Chicago. Others, including me, studied within the country, with the available options of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), and Bina Nusantara University (Binus).


I had the wonderful opportunity to study at IPB for three weeks alongside 43 other participants. We bonded and shared our experiences that were all so diverse as we came from different regions of Indonesia. From Aceh to Sulawesi, and even Malaysia, we collectively studied academic strategies on how to write scientific research papers, leadership tactics and personal development, and Cultural Immersion (of university life, as well as life abroad, and how to deal with the arising issues from the two).

It was a journey unlike any other!


Ever since I was young, I always wanted to do something, anything really! Be it competitions or serving the community, I want to be someone dependable and useful for everyone so that everyone can maybe gain some inspiration or get motivated by my actions. 

Another is the competitive world out there with highly skilled individuals with academic & non-academic prowess. It’s fascinating to realize that there is a world out there with incredible people, and I want to join them! So I struggle everyday to win achievements so I can maybe one day join them.