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OSIS of Pribadi School Depok Prepares New Students for an Exciting Learning Journey

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From July 12 to 14, our school’s OSIS organized an engaging three-day activity aimed at introducing students to the school’s values, various activities, and essential learning tools. With a focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, the event consisted of orientation sessions, demonstrations of learning tools, and captivating performances by our talented students.

The activity kicked off with orientation sessions designed to familiarize students with our school’s core values. Through interactive discussions and activities, students gained insights into the importance of integrity, collaboration, and embracing diversity within our educational community. They were encouraged to apply these values in their daily lives at school, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

In addition to learning about our school’s values, students were introduced to the wide range of extracurricular activities available. Representatives from various school clubs and organizations shared information about sports teams, martial arts, music, and more. This allowed students to explore their interests and discover new avenues for personal growth and enrichment.

Recognizing the significance of technology in education, the activity included informative sessions on using Chromebooks as valuable learning tools. Students learned about the versatility and accessibility of these devices, which support interactive learning experiences and facilitate collaboration among peers and teachers. The demonstrations highlighted how Chromebooks enhance the learning process and prepare students for a digital future.

To further support students’ studies and keep parents informed, the event showcased EduNav, our innovative learning platform. EduNav offers a user-friendly interface that allows students to access learning resources, assignments, and assessments in one centralized location. Parents can also use the platform to monitor their child’s academic progress and stay engaged in their education. EduNav simplifies organization and provides a convenient platform for effective learning and parental involvement.

To encourage camaraderie and teamwork, the activity offered students various opportunities for fun and participation. Friendly sports competitions, interactive challenges, and engaging games brought students together and promoted friendship and collaboration. Laughter filled the air as students embraced the spirit of togetherness and enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

The three-day school activity held from July 12 to 14 was an unforgettable experience that introduced students to the school’s values, a diverse range of activities, and essential learning tools. The event fostered a sense of belonging, showcased the power of technology in education, celebrated student talent, and encouraged active participation within our school community.

As we embark on this new academic year, let us carry the enthusiasm, knowledge, and connections forged during this activity into our classrooms and beyond. We anticipate an exciting and enriching year ahead, filled with growth, discovery, and endless opportunities for our students.