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Prime Health Education: First Aid Training Activity with RS Hermina

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In a proactive approach, Pribadi School Depok hosted a First Aid Training with RS Hermina to equip students and foster a culture of health and safety.

Empowering Students with Life-Saving Skills

The comprehensive program, guided by RS Hermina’s expert trainers, empowered students with knowledge and skills for effective emergency response. This included CPR, wound care, and handling medical emergencies.

Collaboration with RS Hermina: A Synergy of Expertise

The partnership brought a wealth of expertise, ensuring students received the latest information and best practices in first aid. This exemplifies Pribadi School’s commitment to providing top-notch resources and educational experiences.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Going beyond theory, the training offered a hands-on experience. Students actively participated in simulated emergency scenarios, applying their skills in a controlled environment to boost confidence and competence during real-life situations.

Cultivating a Culture of Health and Safety

Beyond the immediate benefits of first aid training, Pribadi School Depok strives to cultivate a culture of health and safety. The initiative encourages proactive well-being promotion, emphasizing quick and effective responses to health-related incidents.

Building a Resilient and Prepared Community

The First Aid Training Activity aligns with Pribadi School’s mission of fostering a resilient and prepared community. Equipping students envisions graduates as academically proficient, compassionate, and capable of making a positive impact in times of need.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Pribadi School Depok and RS Hermina in organizing the First Aid Training Activity reflects a commitment to holistic education. Empowering students with life-saving skills aligns with the school’s dedication to creating well-rounded individuals prepared for various aspects of life.”