What Is COVID-19 ? (Dimas Shello)

What Is COVID-19

Well, COVID-19 is a disease which first appeared in 2019 at Wuhan,China. It is highly contagious but not so deadly.It spreads between animal and people but primarily it spreads through droplets of saliva or discharged when an infected person sneezes or coughs and until this day,continuously spreading the harm it contain all around the world.It’s much more contagious to older people and those with underlying medicals problem are much likely to be infected by this virus. (Dimas S.)

Track Record Of Indonesia

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 has entered Indonesia, it slowly but surely changes our life.At first we underestimate this new virus thinking that in this modern world, everything can be cured fast.Then the people who got infected become mannier and mannier and yet we still think that this will all walk away easily and we’ll forget this sooner or later. But then, it didn’t stop, the virus didn’t stop, it kept on escalating and escalating and all of the sudden BAM! Public histeria, ‘raiding’on the stores and such.Now, we couldn’t even enter our own house without safety precaution.We couldn’t go out to the mall or the mosque and other public places.We must stay for 2 meters away from strangers,friends.Now,all we could do is pray that strom will passed.

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