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Binus Campus Tour

University visitation is one of the most important programs provided by the Career planning department for the students of Pribadi Depok. This program is aimed to introduce the students to the university programs and the student’s life at the visited university.

This time, the students from grade 11 have got the opportunity to visit one of the best private universities in Indonesia which is Binus. Here, the students have visited 2 Binus Universities, they are Binus ASO School of Engineering and Binus International University.


In the morning session, Students visited the Binus Aso School of Engineering, which is usually called BASE located in South Tangerang, Banten. Students have got the opportunity to know what majors that they can take if they want to study at BASE. Furthermore, they have got some workshop from one of the lecturers at BASE, Mr. Takao Itoh from Japan. Students have seen the machineries and tools available there, and they have also seen some demonstrations on how to use those machineries and tools by Mr. Takao Itoh. Students were so enthusiastic in paying attention to his explanations.

In the afternoon, students continued their visitation program by visiting Binus International University in Senayan, Jakarta. Here, students have got some insights related to the programs that are available in Binus. Many of the students are interested in taking the international program at Binus International University as they have a special dual degree program. This is really interesting as students don’t really have to go abroad to get an international degree by only studying in Indonesia. There are many benefits from this program.

All in all, today’s visitation was really beneficial for our students. They have got so many insights and motivation to continue and to prepare their study for a higher level of education. Thank you Binus for the very warm welcome.

Written by: Suryo Aji Banjaransari, Career Planner of Pribadi Depok