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Career planning guides the students to find, choose, set and reach their educational goals by means of various programs, seminars and workshops.



Getting to know the students by giving them personality test to know their talents and learning styles.


Helping the students building up their personal portfolios to help them prepare their educational goals.

Seminars and Workshops

Giving the students seminars & workshops will give them new knowledge & insights for their future career.

Edu Expo

Having the opportunity to meet the university representatives will help the students in the admission process.

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1 on 1

Meeting with the students in a personal consultation session will help the students plan their educational goals.


BIM and I-Spark Sampoerna University Scholarship Talk

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Edu Expo

Education Expo is a regular program conducted regularly in each semester at Pribadi Depok. It is one of many programs in the career planning department. This EduExpo is brought to the students to give insights about university majors and programs, university application requirements, as well as scholarships available for high school students to take when they are about to enter the university.

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Career Planning

Binus Campus Tour

University visitation is one of the most important programs provided by the Career planning department for the students of Pribadi

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