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English Festival 2023: Showcasing Student Talent and Cultivating Language Proficiency

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Pribadi School Depok recently held their annual English Festival, a highly anticipated event where students from across all grades showcase their English language proficiency. The festival is aimed at promoting and enhancing student’s English communication skills while providing them with a fun and engaging learning experience.

This year’s English Festival was a resounding success, with a wide range of competitions and activities that challenged and showcased the student’s English abilities. Some of the competitions that took place included Drama, English Speech, Gartic, Battle of the Brains, Scrabble, Debate, Quizziz, Digital Art, Spelling Bee, and Short Video.

In the drama competition, students were tasked with creating and performing a short play in English. The English speech competition saw students delivering compelling speeches on a variety of topics ranging from social issues to personal experiences. Meanwhile, the Gartic competition tested student’s artistic skills as they drew and try to guess each other’s drawings.

The Battle of the Brains competition was a quiz competition that covered a wide range of subjects that challenged student’s general knowledge and cognitive skills. In Scrabble, students were tasked with creating words from a set of tiles to score points. The Debate competition saw students presenting and defending their views on a given topic, while the Quizziz competition tested student’s knowledge of English language and grammar.

The Digital Art competition showcased student’s artistic skills, while the Spelling Bee competition tested their spelling abilities. Finally, the Short Video competition required students to create a short video with a positive message in English.

The English Festival was not just a competition, but also a celebration of language and culture. Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language and interact with peers from different grades. Through this event, students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and explore new ways of learning and expressing themselves in English.

The success of the English Festival is a testament to the dedication of the school’s English department and the student’s efforts. By providing a platform for students to showcase their language abilities, Pribadi School Depok is always inspiring to develop the next generation of English-speaking global citizens.