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Enhancing Teacher and Staff Skills through CPD for Impactful Education

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From July 5th to July 8th, 2023, Pribadi Depok organized a special online CPD (Continuous Professional Development) event in collaboration with Pribadi Depok’s School Consultant, Eduversal, and other partner schools in Indonesia. Aimed at enhancing the skills of our teachers and staff, this activity provided a valuable opportunity for our educators to grow, learn, and collaborate with each other.

During the four-day activity, our teachers and staff participated in a lively learning environment that encouraged growth and teamwork, despite the virtual nature of the event. The event featured workshops, interactive sessions, and opportunities to share knowledge led by experienced education experts. Our educators engaged in discussions, explored exciting teaching methods, and learned effective ways to manage their classrooms.

One of the main goals of the activity was to expand our educators’ knowledge and skills. The workshops focused on various topics, such as effectively utilizing resource for teaching, student-centered teaching approaches, promoting collaborative teaching, and assessment for personal growth in teaching. Our teachers and staff eagerly embraced these opportunities, gaining new tools and techniques to create interesting and engaging learning experiences for our students.

With this activity, we hope to see a positive impact on our students’ learning journey. We believe that the enhanced skills, innovative approaches, and collaborative spirit cultivated during this event will result in more engaging, personalized, and effective teaching practices. We look forward to witnessing our educators’ renewed enthusiasm and passion, which will ultimately create a joyful learning experience for our students.