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School Exhibition at Pesona Square Depok

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Pribadi School Depok stole the show at the recent School Exhibition in Pesona Square Mall, captivating visitors with a dynamic blend of talent and innovation.

The school’s booth became a hub of curiosity, where attendees could learn about Sekolah Pribadi Depok, explore impressive 3D-printed student artworks, watch engaging videos showcasing school activities, and grab informative flyers.

Beyond the booth, students showcased their diverse talents on stage. Traditional dances like Tari Bajidor and Tari Giring-giring, mesmerizing piano performances, a captivating VR Headset demonstration, and heartfelt renditions of “Bendera” created a vibrant tapestry of Sekolah Pribadi Depok’s educational excellence.

The event underscored the school’s commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals and provided a fantastic platform to connect with the community.