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Pribadi Mengajar 2024

Collaborative Pribadi Mengajar Vision

An educational initiative called “Pribadi Mengajar” that enables high school students from Pribadi School Depok to take on the role of teachers for elementary school students around them. The program aims to cultivate students’ skills, broaden their perspectives, and build leadership through the teaching process. This event not only combines inter-level learning but also inspires high school students to act as teachers.

Teacher Mentoring and Inter-Generational Learning

One distinctive feature of this event is the collaborative approach between high school students who want to learn to become teachers, with experienced teachers from the Pribadi School Depok to mentor them. This ensures that the teaching process runs smoothly and meets the expected educational standards.

Skills Development and Empathy

Each teaching session in the “Pribadi Mengajar” event is supervised by teachers to ensure that the learning experience of high school and elementary school students proceeds optimally. It also provides an opportunity for high school students to learn about challenges and responsibilities. In the sense that while teaching, they also gain direct insight into the world of education.

Direct Benefits and Community Impact

High school students involved in this event not only share their knowledge and skills with elementary school students but also develop interpersonal skills. They are trained in public speaking abilities as well as empathy and understanding of the learning needs of different age levels. This strengthens the education community and contributes positively to the development of students at both levels of education.

School and Community Collaboration

In addition to benefiting the students involved, Pribadi Mengajar also serves as a platform to strengthen the relationship between Pribadi School Depok and its surrounding community. This opens up opportunities for further collaboration in curriculum development, teacher training, and other educational initiatives. This aims to improve the quality of education in the region.

Peak Education Awareness and Positive Impact

Overall, the “Pribadi Mengajar” event is not only a platform for inter-generational knowledge exchange but also a manifestation of collaborative spirit. Likewise, the willingness to engage in efforts to improve education in the local community. Thus, each teaching session is not only a learning experience but also a momentum to create sustainable positive impact in the world of education.”