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Pribadi School Depok Trial Club

Yesterday on Friday, July 21st, Pribadi School Depok had an exciting Trial Club activity. The school encouraged students to follow their passions and interests outside of regular studies. They offered many different clubs to choose from, focusing on overall growth and development.

Besides the required Boy Scout club that promotes discipline and teamwork, students can choose at least one Mandatory club and, if they want, an Optional club. These clubs help students use their time wisely and enjoy activities that match their interests and personal development.

The Optional Mandatory clubs are scheduled every Friday, and students can choose from a list of options, including:

  1. Drawing Club – Unleash your creativity and improve artistic skills.
  2. Traditional Dance Club – Explore rich cultural dance traditions.
  3. Violin Club – Learn to play beautiful music on the violin.
  4. Cooking Club – Master culinary arts and cook delicious dishes.
  5. Fun Science Club – Enjoy exciting experiments and discover the wonders of science.
  6. Taekwondo Club – Train in self-defense and boost fitness.
  7. Futsal Club – Embrace teamwork and sportsmanship through futsal.
  8. English Drama Club – Express yourself on stage and enhance communication skills.

Additionally, on Saturdays, students can explore their specific interests through Optional clubs. Here are the options available:

  1. Robotic Club – Discover the world of robotics and automation.
  2. Basketball Club – Improve dribbling skills and enjoy the thrill of basketball.
  3. Korean Club – Immerse in Korean culture, language, and entertainment.

During the Trial Club event, students enthusiastically joined different clubs, showing their excitement to learn and grow outside of regular studies. Pribadi School Depok is proud to provide these diverse opportunities, shaping well-rounded individuals who excel academically and possess essential life skills.

Through these clubs, we are aiming to encourage students to follow their passions, discover new talents, and build lasting friendships while having fun and enriching their learning experience.