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STEAM Exhibition 2023

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On the 14th until the 21st of March, the Science Week is conducted spectacularly with a wonderful thematic; STEAM competitions and exhibitions! Featuring numerous interactive activities, students are given the opportunity to showcase their innovations and creative work in the form of Competitive Battles in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (Abbreviated to STEAM) and Exhibitions in the form of Project Stands on the final day, the 21st.

So what is Science Week? Well, Science Week is a week-long event that lays the foundation for the final event, which is the STEAM exhibition and competition finals. During the week, students encounter numerous activities, both challenging and entertaining, following the STEAM educational approach! Here are the events that take place during the week:

  • SCIENCE, STEAM Adventure Daily Quests:

    STEAM Adventure Daily Quests is a free for all competition where each participant answers the daily questions posted in the monitor around the school. The questions are related to the STEAM Projects and ISPO topics that were available in this Academic Year;

    There are some questions that are taken from the Trivia related to Science. Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as well. And then, there will be one day of Treasure Hunt, where the participants can search for the Hidden Item scattered around the school area to get extra points and benefits.

  • TECHNOLOGY, Beat Saber

    Beat Saber is a VR (Virtual Reality) rhythm game developed and published by Czech game developer Beat Games. It takes place in a surrealistic neon environment and features the player slicing blocks representing musical beats with a pair of contrasting-colored sabers.

    Contestants are tasked with completing the songs below with the highest possible score, challenging their body motion control and rhythmic understanding to the maximum!

  • ENGINEERING, Bottle Rocket Challenge

    Bottle rocket challenge that tests participants’ ability to design, build, and launch bottle rockets that can fly as far as possible or hit the specified target.

    To participate in this competition, participants as a group must design and build a bottle rocket using simple materials such as recycled plastic bottles, duct tape, paper, and cardboard. The rocket will be fueled by the alcohol that is sprayed into the bottle right before its launch.

    The bottle rocket challenge is a fun and interactive way to learn science and technology concepts such as Newton’s laws of motion, aerodynamic and rocket principles. This competition can also help participants develop skills such as creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

    As guidance for the participants, they may view this video as reference:

  • ARTS, STEAM Spectrum

    STEAM Spectrum is an exciting event that combines creativity and STEAM learning, featuring a mural art competition with the theme of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This event encourages participants to showcase their artistic skills and creativity while highlighting the importance of STEAM subjects in our daily lives.

    Participants in the mural art competition will have the opportunity to express their artistic vision while incorporating the principles of STEAM in their artwork. The murals will be created on designated walls around the school field.

  • MATHEMATICS, Math Conqueror

    Math Conqueror is an exciting competition that challenges participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in mathematics. Similar to Battle of the Brains, this competition features a series of challenging math questions that test participants’ ability to solve complex problems under pressure. Accuracy, speed, and problem-solving ability is the key to win this competition.

For an easier viewing experience, you should go to to see the full list of the Regulations and Guidelines (Juknis)

After the following week, the final day approaches! But what’s in store, you ask? Unlike the competitions that are held week-long, the final day is executed fabulously with an Inspiring Science Exhibition and Amazing Performances held by the students and teachers!

In the Science Exhibition, students who have joined the STEAM program every weekend get to share their experience and educate others on their topic; from Perfume-Creation and Bread Baking Business, to even Electric Generator Modules and Horticultura! This experience is unlike any other, because not only will the students decorate and aesthetically design their stands, they will also compete to see who has the Best Poster (Made digitally and printed physically), Best Article (written and edited in the Google Site), Most Liked Video (Individually recorded and edited onto the Google Site), and Best Stand (Judged unanimously by visitors; Teachers and students alike).

But that’s not all! Some special stands are also put up, such as the 3D Printing Stand, The VR Stand, and The ISPO (Indonesian Science Project Olympiad) Stands, giving the grandest chance for passerbyers to learn more about innovative technologies and gain inspiration from pioneers and leaders of these modern advancements!

Other than the Exhibition, the finals of the STEAM competitions are also held on-site alongside the event, with several finalists from most of them battling it out on a big stage! With over a Million Indonesian Rupiah for the win, you wouldn’t know who would be crowned victorious champion!

So what are you waiting for? Get Hyped for the Science Week: STEAM Competitions & Exhibitions 2022/2023!