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SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

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Some of our graduates who continued their studies abroad took various standardised tests in the final year for their university applications. The SAT is one of the standardised tests for college admissions which are widely used by universities in the United States. Many universities in Indonesia and other Asian countries have also started using SAT scores in the entry requirements for their international undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The SAT is designed by College Board and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Depok is registered on College Board and ETS as one of the SAT test centers. To take the SAT in Depok, test-takers can register on the College Board website and find our school in the list of test centers.

It is important for test-takers to bring a physical photo identification document (ID) or a passport and the printed admission ticket at our test center during the test day. For enquiries about SAT administration in Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Depok, please contact our SAT staff at