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Social Emotional Learning Benefiting the Student’s Daily Life among the Society

Social Emotional Learning is one of the programs created by Pribadi Elementary School, held from 14th – 17th March, 2023. This SEL Week programs consist to foster social and emotional development through diverse learning activities. SEL carries 5 pillars of social-emotional skills, namely self awareness, self management, responsible decision making, and relationship skill. 

On Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, students  take a picture with affirmation words with the theme ¨This is Me Photo Session¨. It’s helpful for students to gain confidence, contribute to a growth mindset and encourage them to truly believe in themselves. On the next day, the students have to spread kindness and finish the challenge. Students are given a piece of paper containing several good columns that they can fill in if they do so that day.

On Thursday,  March 23th, 2023, the theme is ¨Me and My Colors¨. Students describe how they are feeling at the moment, through the colors they choose. Red for anger, blue for sad, yellow for happy, green for lazy and sleepy, pink for feeling loved, purple for great feelings, and black for afraid. They can colors their paper with some colors based on their feelings.  

For the last day of SEL, on Friday, students make a hand painting with friends at the field. Students do hand painting with watercolors and then attach their hands to the canvas that has been provided by the teacher. During Art Lesson too, the students had ¨Decision making: What Should We Choose?¨ through group discussion. The Teacher gives an imaginary situation: students are trapped in an isolated island after their ship crashed and then, the students could take 5 things from the shipwreck. 

Social-Emotional Learning Week, expected to make the students which result in good social awareness benefiting the students’ daily life among the society.